Roche Confirms Pharma Appetite for Inflammatory Disease Treatments

Roche’s acquisition of the Irish biotech Inflazome is a vote of confidence for emerging inflammatory disease drugs. How could other companies in the field benefit from this takeover?

The inflammation process is essential for our survival, as it helps the body to clear up damage after injury. However, uncontrolled inflammation can also harm us, causing damage in chronic conditions such as neurodegenerative disease, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. 

Current treatments for inflammatory diseases often include steroid drugs, which suppress the immune system. But these drugs can also weaken the patient against infections. For this reason, the search is on for drugs that can selectively brake inflammation without shutting down the whole immune system.

With a €380M takeover of Dublin-based Inflazome this week, Roche has acquired a pipeline of drugs that might achieve this feat. The drugs are designed to block a target called NLRP3, which is part of a group of protein complexes that trigger inflammation, known as inflammasomes.

When activated, NLRP3 acts as a ‘danger sensor’ in the body,” said Jeremy Skillington, VP Business Development at Inflazome. “This process is an important part of a healthy inflammatory response. However, this process can also lead to chronic, uncontrolled inflammation. 

Roche’s deal continues Inflazome’s history of drawing high investor interest.

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