Universal Flu Vaccines Yield Second Clinical Failure This Year

In a blow to hopes for better protection from seasonal flu, last week’s phase III failure of BiondVax’s universal flu vaccine follows the phase II flop of Vaccitech’s flu vaccine in January. 

Last week proved a major setback for the Israeli biotech BiondVax. The company’s vaccine — designed to protect against multiple strains of flu — failed in phase III. This was BiondVax’s only clinical candidate and investors reacted poorly, sending the stock into free fall.

Back in June, BiondVax reported that the vaccine had shown promise against flu by activating the immune T cells of healthy volunteers in a phase II trial. However, the vaccine was unable to protect against flu better than placebo in phase III.

We were very disappointed with the results. We were optimistic because our previous trials had shown that this is an active vaccine,” said Joshua Phillipson, Director of Business Development and Investor Relations at BiondVax.

Going forward, the company plans to investigate what went wrong, and will also consider licensing deals of its vaccine-related expertise, intellectual property, and facilities.

The candidate itself, we don’t believe is dead. Maybe there’s something we can do to revise it,” said Phillipson. “We have a state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility.

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