Why Biotech Fundraising is at a Record High

In 2020, fundraising seems like an even bigger challenge than before. The biotech industry, however, is seeing a record high in capital raised to finance new therapeutic developments. 

A recent white paper entitled “Biotech’s resilient response to 2020” summarizes the findings of a detailed analysis conducted from January through August – showing that funding levels across the globe are at a record high.

Within this period, they have already surpassed the totals of previous years, exceeding $87B (€73B). 

Investors worldwide have acknowledged the biotech industry’s potential to meet the healthcare challenges highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and increased their biotech and pharma activities.

“The society is recognizing the value of medical science and innovation. Healthcare is now regarded as a rather defensive stock,” Michael Ward, author of the white paper, told me. 

Ward is the Global Head of Thought Leadership at Decision Resources Group (DRG), part of Clarivate, a company supporting commercialization efforts in biotech through high-value data, analytics, and insights into the healthcare industry. 

New indications and the rise of telemedicine

virtual consultations, investments, biotech industryWhile about one-third of the invested money goes to oncology and cell therapy applications, the area of infectious diseases has increased to more than 10% of venture and private financing, from 3.9% in 2018. About a quarter of new grants are funding work on therapeutics and vaccines targeting SARS-CoV-2,

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