Can Anti-Aging Research Keep Us Healthy in the Long Run?

Searching for the fountain of eternal youth has been the dream of humanity for millennia. While this is still in the realm of science fiction, anti-aging companies are hoping to tackle age-related diseases by targeting the underlying biology of aging.

While we’ve been hunting for immortality for millennia, there hasn’t been much success. However, an emerging field of research is trying to combat aging, helping us stay healthy as we become older. 

Age is a big risk factor for common diseases, including dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Even the Covid-19 pandemic this year has proved more dangerous for older people than for young people. Anti-aging research is built on the idea that slowing the aging process can therefore prevent multiple age-related diseases in one go. The goal is to replicate what happens to supercentenarians: lucky individuals who experience few health problems until extreme old age.

The biology of aging is monstrously complex, but researchers have narrowed it down to a list of key hallmarks of aging, which include cells breaking down, lack of stem cells in tissues, and unstable DNA. 

Targeting ‘zombie’ cells

Most cells in our body are programmed to die after a certain period of time. All the cells that form our skin are replaced within a month,

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