A Look Back at the Past Decade of European Biotech

As we prepare to enter a new decade, we look back on the major milestones and blunders within European biotech over the last 10 years. 

Over the last decade, we have seen many biotech breakthroughs to come from Europe, including first-in-class therapies for cancer, the first approved in vivo gene therapy, as well as notable efforts to combat Covid-19. Some other areas have proven to fall behind expectations, such as Alzheimer’s or microbiome research, and will need a push over the next decade. Let’s have a look back at what the biotech industry has accomplished in the decade we’re now leaving behind.


Few would disagree that this has been a game-changing decade within oncology. We’ve seen the arrival of checkpoint inhibitor drugs, the first oncolytic viral therapy, and the approval of the first CAR-T cell therapies

For Alexandra Bause, who leads a venture creation program at the investment firm Apollo Health Ventures, immuno-oncology was one of the most exciting things to happen during the last decade. “It’s not just one cancer and one drug for that specific cancer anymore, we can now activate, reactivate or replenish the body’s own immune response and we can potentially target malignant cells throughout the whole body.”

This decade has witnessed the advent and establishment of checkpoint inhibitor drugs.

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