Will Europe Follow Singapore in Approving Cultured Meat?

Singapore is the first country to grant approval to meat grown from animal cells, known as cultured meat. Will European countries follow suit?

Eat Just is a San Francisco-based company that sells plant-based alternatives to eggs and other animal products. The firm made headlines last week when it got regulatory approval to market cultured chicken in Singapore. 

The company produces this chicken meat in 1,200-liter bioreactors using muscle cells from chickens. Over the last two years, Eat Just has provided the Singaporean authorities safety and quality data. “We included details on the purity, identity, and stability of chicken cells during the manufacturing process, as well as a detailed description of the manufacturing process,” said Andrew Noyes, Head of Global Communications at Eat Just.

Cultured meat relies on growing animal cells rather than on animal slaughter. It is also designed to resemble the composition of traditional meat products more closely than plant-based alternatives. “Our cultured chicken contains a high protein content, diversified amino acid composition, high relative content in healthy monounsaturated fats, and is a rich source of minerals,” said Noyes.

Though it’s still at an early stage, proponents say the technology could require fewer resources such as water and land than traditional agriculture, with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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