What Does the Next Decade Have in Store for European Biotech?

Just like that, another decade has gone by. It’s time to look at what the future will bring to the European biotech industry. 

European biotech has seen some huge breakthroughs and a few setbacks during the last 10 years. As we enter a new decade with great uncertainty due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, let’s look at what the next decade has in store for European biotech. 


Historically, cancers were treated with small molecule-based drugs. The last 10 years have seen a move towards immunotherapy, either through boosting the patients’ own immune cells as is the case of CAR T-cell therapies or through immune checkpoint inhibitors that make cancer cells more visible to the immune system. 

The oncology field is getting crowded with numerous different treatment modalities in clinical trials, which include gene and cell therapy, radiopharmaceuticals, gene editing, and microbiome approaches, among others. But will we need them all in the future?

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Martin Bonde, CEO of Inthera Biosciences in Switzerland believes that we do. “For a meaningful target that sits inside the cell nucleus, a small molecule will still be very relevant. The CAR T-cell therapies are very efficacious but so far their indication range is very narrow.” 

“One area to watch is bi- and tri-specific antibodies,

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