Wave of Acquisitions Hits ADC Cancer Treatment Space

The end of 2020 saw several big pharma acquisitions of companies developing antibody-drug conjugate drugs for the treatment of cancer.

Unfazed by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer have flourished over the last year. For example, Gilead closed a colossal €17.8B acquisition of the US ADC developer Immunomedics in September, and in November, Merck took over the US ADC firm Velos Bio for €2.2B.

The last month of 2020 saw a flurry of European deals in the same field. The most impressive was Boehringer Ingelheim purchasing the Swiss ADC company NBE Therapeutics for a neat €1.2B. 

Additionally, the UK firm ADC Bio announced an impending acquisition by the contract manufacturing heavyweight Sterling Pharma Solutions while the Swiss biotech ADC Therapeutics, which raised €215M in a Nasdaq IPO last year, teamed up with the Chinese company Overland Pharmaceuticals to commercialize its pipeline in the Greater China region.

ADCs are drawing investor attention because of their potential to hit tumors more selectively than classical chemotherapy drugs and minimize side effects, such as fatigue and nausea. ADC companies do this by attaching chemotherapy drugs to anti-cancer antibodies, which function like a ‘guided missile’ system. 

Another reason for the big investor interest is that the ADC field has gained a steady foothold in the industry.

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