Investors Up the Ante for Drugs Striking Cancer via DNA Repair

A colossal deal struck last month between Germany’s Merck KGaA and UK-based Artios Pharma is one of several highlighting soaring interest in cancer drugs that target the DNA repair systems of our cells.

The deal, potentially worth €5.7B, granted Merck optional rights to co-develop a class of cancer treatments called DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitor drugs. Merck took this gamble on drugs that haven’t yet reached clinical testing, demonstrating hitherto unseen levels of support for the emerging DDR inhibitor field.

Artios’ CEO Niall Martin — who was instrumental in developing the blockbuster DDR inhibitor drug Lynparza — told me the collaboration “represents a great validation for the DNA damage response field.

Its multi-billion-dollar potential underscores the possible, future value which multinational pharma companies see in the field and its ability to revolutionize targeted treatment of cancer and deliver on the promise of precision medicine,” he said.

Drugs targeting DNA repair have been heralded as a game-changer for multiple cancers,

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