How to Build a Successful Company Culture in Biotech

Company culture can be essential to the success of a biotech company. Sabine Dandiguian, Managing Partner at the life sciences VC firm Jeito Capital, shares her experience building a thriving company culture in the life sciences.

Company culture is “something very special” that borders on collective intelligence, says Sabine Dandiguian. There are some basics to follow when building it. But there is also a sometimes elusive soft-skills component, which is strongly influenced by the personality of the leader and is as much an art to create as it is a science. It has to do with balancing hard work and strict roles and responsibilities with a capacity to listen and to care, but it goes beyond that.

Dandiguian’s long experience as a life sciences business leader across different cultures, having worked in France, the Middle East, Turkey, and Algeria. She has coached numerous companies, from startups to large successful life science firms. In over two decades with Johnson and Johnson, her previous employer, she oversaw Janssen France reaching $1B in revenue,

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