Finding Relevant Hits to Progress Drug Discovery Programs

Drug discovery success starts with an active hit compound. Implementing a good hit identification approach like high-throughput screening at the beginning of a project can help companies advance their programs without unexpected costs and delays.

The hit finding process – identifying a compound that acts on a biological target – is perhaps the single most crucial step in drug discovery, and often fails to get the attention it deserves. Regardless of whether the goal is to find small or large molecule drug candidates, medicinal chemists and protein engineers need to start with active compounds to improve and optimize into leads worthy of further development.

The many approaches to hit identification

Kevin Nash, Group Leader in Biology Assay Development High-Throughput Screening, Charles River Laboratories

Various approaches can be used alone or in combination to find hits and confirm the activity of compounds of interest. Each comes with its own benefits.

“High-throughput screening of diverse compound libraries can accelerate the discovery process,” said Kevin Nash,

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