Cloud Foundations for R&D: Designing the Future of Life Sciences

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been hailed as the next big thing in drug discovery. But to leverage the full potential of this technology the life sciences industry first needs to pay attention to experimental design and data collection.  

We embrace the latest digital technologies to enhance almost everything in our daily lives—from how we communicate, learn, travel, entertain ourselves, and so much more. But in the laboratory, we more often defer to the tools we’re familiar with or rely on manual practices.

The benefits of adopting digital tools in the life sciences industry are plentiful: new functionality, better insights, efficiency, and automation of error-prone processes, just to name a few. The common theme in recent years is that the endpoint of fully contextualized, reproducible, and unbiased scientific data should be the focus of digitization efforts. Yet, such high-quality data is rarely achieved. The industry is still at the start of a journey of reimagining how to generate high-quality and complete scientific data.

Is the life sciences industry ready to embrace digital technology?

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