Is Cloud Computing the Answer to Genomics’ Big Data Problem?

The success of the genomics industry has led to the generation of huge amounts of DNA sequencing data. Cloud computing could offer a solution for scientists who currently lack the tools to make full use of this data. 

Over the last decade, genomics has become the backbone of drug discovery. It has allowed scientists to develop more targeted therapies, boosting the chances of successful clinical trials. In 2020, 39% of FDA-approved drugs were personalized therapies, a trend that has been sustained for the past four years. 

The ever-increasing use of genomics in the realm of drug discovery and personalized treatments can be traced back to a drastic reduction in DNA sequencing costs. The first sequenced genome, part of the Human Genome Project, cost €2.4B and took around 13 years to complete. Fast forward to today, and you can get your genome sequenced in less than a day for under €900.

It is estimated that over 100 million genomes will have been sequenced by 2025as part of genomic projects.

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